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The 2016 Clemcott season has come to an end.

Once again, for 5 months the European consumers have been able to enjoy an exceptional quality that only a certified quality mandarin, like Clemcott, can provide the market with.

This season, just like in all the others, Clemcott is available in Europe’s best supermarkets until the month of May. Our country’s good climate means that the distinct deseasonalization of Clemcott is a bit longer.

Clemcott is endorsed by the CVVP that strives to supply relevant information to the purchasing managers through the international marketing channels to promote the best selection of the Nadorcott variety. In this way, the authentic values of Clemcott are publicised each season.

The CVVP has been working for years, season after season, to uphold its quality standards from the orchards to the marketing and distribution centres, so that the farmers, purchasing managers and the consumers are fully satisfied.

Purchasing managers and consumers have appreciated the exclusiveness of Clemcott in this year’s campaign. The Clemcott marketing campaign always acknowledges and advocates the expertise and hard work of the farmers in the orchards and it keeps directly in touch with the purchasing managers who, keen to select the best products for their stores, demand a top quality mandarin that also has the Blacklabel with the damatrix code.

Apart from its outstanding quality and properties, Clemcott is the mandarin of the MasterChiefs, which is conveyed by the slogan of its current season’s marketing campaign; it’s an exclusive mandarin that is worthy of the most demanding buyers who look for first class fruit that meets their expectations.

Until the next 2017 season the farmers’ work will consist in looking after and preparing the orchards to guarantee the very best crops next year. They will follow very strict processes and use the most suitable treatment to make sure the trees continue to produce the best Nadorcott fruit.