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Full satisfaction of CVVP at the end of the new edition of Fruit Logistica 2016

CVVP gets very positive results at Fruit Logistica 2016. CVVP continues with the promotion of its quality Clemcott mandarin and adds 3 new varieties, M7, Leanri and Summer Prim to its portfolio.

There have already been 6 editions of Fruit Logistica for CVVP and its quality Clemcott brand.

Many visits were paid to the CVVP stand this year.

Clemcott, the best of the Nadorcott selection, stood out from the crowd once again this year in Berlin presenting this season’s campaign to the international fruit and vegetable market that, we would like to remind you, is intended for purchasing managers.

The most demanding purchasing managers are those who value excellence and quality in fresh products, especially in fruit and vegetables. Clemcott is the mandarin of these managers, who are called the MasterChiefs. Clemcott has all the features needed to make it a first class fruit: deep reddish colour, easy to peel, homogeneity, intense aroma and exquisite flavour. Don’t forget that it is also a late harvest variety, which means that it can be consumed from January to the end of April.

Just like in every campaign, Clemcott continues to supply the market with the unique certified quality mandarin that is endorsed by the CVVP.

The latest news is that this year CVVP presented its three new citrus varieties at Fruit Logistica: the ultra-early early M7 navelina, the Leanri mandarin and the Summer Prim lemon. They are all innovations that add quality to the citrus fruit.

These new varieties as well as Clemcott’s excellence were the biggest hits at the CVVP stand, where a multitude of experts, farmers and, in general, professionals from the fruit and vegetable sector, saw the results of the hard work and effort that CVVP puts into the sector year after year at one of the most important international trade fairs of the agro-food industry.